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Welcome to the Tai Chi Wellness News

Viewtimes:       Adddate:2008-11-15       Source:Li's Wushu Academy

Welcome to the Tai Chi Wellness News

Welcome to the first Tai Chi Wellness Newsletter! The main purpose of this first edition is to give thanks and recognition to those who came out and supported our Grand Opening, as well as give an insightful look to those who could not be there in person. The mission of this foundation is to develop a complete training system that will make traditional Tai Chi easier to learn and provide access to everyone in the community, such as schools, hospitals, senior centers, and companies. No one will be left out. Our vision is to promote Tai Chi practice for the overall physical and mental wellness.

The Ultimate Goal:

The goal of the Grand Opening was to make the Foundation known to the public. And we’re happy to report that the success of the event blew us all away. To give well-deserved recognition, we must now segue into the special thanks for all those who made our event memorable!

A Special Thanks to the VIP Attendees:

Brayan Cohn - Representative of Congressman Mike Honda     

Kris Wang – Cupertino City Council Member

Gilbert Wong – Cupertino City Council Member

Aileen Kao – Saratoga City Council Member

Paul Fang – Fremont Union School District, Director

Jessica Rose, Ph.D. – Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford Motion & Gait Lab, Director

Dr. Arthur Johnson – Academy Research & Program Officer in Family and Community Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center

Gong Chen, Ph.D. – San Jose State University Physical Education, Vice-Dean

Philip Lei Yang – Nine Star University of Health Sciences, President

Betty Yuan – Chinese Culture Athletic Foundation, CEO

Dr. Samuel LeBaron – Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center

Tai Ran Hsu, Ph.D. – San Jose State University Professor

Lin Qing – Yoga Association, President

Alice Chion – Saratoga Library Commissioner

Emily Lo – Saratoga School District Board Member

James Cai – Legal Consultant

Rose He – Chinese-American Women Association, President

Mimi Latno –Asian Massage and Healing Arts, Director

Gao Song Shan – Luo Yang Normal University, President

Thomas Lee – Chinese Interactive Language Institute

Simon Chu – Berryessa Chinese School, Founder

And a Big Thanks to the Luo Yang Normal University Tai Chi Wushu Team for their outstanding performances. Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the wonderful students from Li's Wushu Academy for all their effort and hard work.

Highlights from the Opening Ceremony:

Lau Jia Yi Lu:

 “Lau Jia Yi Lu” in translation means “Old Form 1st Road.” As the name suggests, it is the “first road” taken by students studying the Chen-Style Tai Chi training system. This form helps students develop a basic understanding of Tai Chi principles while beginning to develop “silk reeling” energy.

The performance itself was breathtaking. Eight students dressed in traditional white silk Tai Chi uniforms appeared to harness an unseen power and group energy as they moved in harmony with melodic and meditating music. Their fluid and graceful movements were hypnotizing as they flowed effortlessly through postures, beautifully reflecting the essence of this key foundation form. 

Tai Chi Medley:

The Tai Chi Medley was a combination of Chen-style hand and weapon forms. The hand form “Xin Jia Yi Lu” in translation means “New Form 1st Road.” As indicated by its name, it is a new version of “Lau Jia Yi Lu” and generally considered more advanced in terms of the skills required from students.  In particular, the “Xin Jia” incorporates tighter spiral power and “Fa Jing” (meaning “Explosive Power”).

As we moved onto the second performance, the audience was immediately captivated by the intense focus of four students, two performing Xin Jia Yi Lu and two performing Tai Chi Sword forms. The rhythm of the music moved at a faster pace and with greater intensity, matching the focused movements of the students who displayed power and grace at the same time. Their advanced skill was noted quite clearly and admired by all in attendance.

Chen Sword Group

The Chen Sword Group demonstration was similar to the weapon forms performed earlier in the Tai Chi Medley. Training Sword teaches the student to use Tai Chi principles to move in harmony and connect with objects outside their body, in this particular case a Tai Chi straight sword.

The third performance began with upbeat music that implied faster movements that call for greater precision. Skill, balance and awareness all clearly play an important role in properly executing the postures of Chen-style Tai Chi Sword, especially in a group performance. One false move and someone could truly be hurt! The students proved they were easily up to the task as the five performers turned out a beautiful performance.


(Dr. Marilyn Chi’s Personal Testimonial)

(Debbie Clay’s Personal Testimonial)

(Dr. Howard Sussman’Personal Testimonial)

 Luo Yang University Students Show Off Their Talent:

Closing Remarks:

Overall, the unveiling of the Tai Chi Wellness Foundation was a huge success! There was laughter, excitement, awe, and inspiration generated by the people who want to extend the wellness benefits of Tai Chi throughout the entire community. All who attended enjoyed each heartfelt testimonial and magnificent performance. The Foundation shows tremendous promise thanks to its loyal supporters and dedicated members. Thank you for taking interest in the Foundation and stay tuned for much more to come!

 By Qiu Zhen He




歡迎您收看太極養生協會的第一篇新聞。 本刊文主要在於我們希望對於此次太極養生協會開幕典禮上,熱情參與這項活動的所有貴賓表達我們由衷的謝意;同時也提供為當天無法蒞臨開幕典禮的朋友們相關的活動細節。本協會成立的宗旨在於發展出一套訓練系統,將傳統的太極拳變得更容易學習,也將太極的學習普及於各個社區,比如:學校、醫院、耆老中心與各公司行號等,我們將深入每一團體。我們將致力推展太極拳,宣揚這有益於身心整體健康的邉印?SPAN  




Brayan Cohn – 國會議員 Mike Honda 之代表人 

Kris Wang – Cupertino 市議員 

Gilbert Wong – Cupertino 市議員 

Aileen Kao – Saratoga 市議員 

Paul Fang – Fremont Union 學區主任委員 

Jessica Rose, Ph.D. – Lucile Packard 兒童醫院在史丹佛 Stanford Motion & Gait Lab 主任  

Dr. Arthur Johnson – 史丹佛大學醫學中心,家庭與社區醫學學術研究中心與專案辦公室主任 

Gong Chen, Ph.D. – 聖荷西州立大學體育系副教務主任 

Philip Lei Yang – Nine Star 大學健康科學系主任 

Betty Yuan – 華體會, CEO 

Dr. Samuel LeBaron – 史丹佛大學醫學中心醫學教授 

Tai Ran Hsu, Ph.D. – 聖荷西州立大學校授 

Lin Qing – 瑜珈協會會長 

Alice Chion – Saratoga 圖書館專員 

Emily Lo – Saratoga 學區委員 

James Cai – 法律顧問

Rose He – 旅美華人婦女會會長 

Mimi Latno – 亞洲按摩與療合藝術中心會長 

Gao Song Shan – 洛陽師範体育学院院長 

Cuan Sui Tang - 洛陽師範体育学院系主任 

Yang Zhang, Bide Fu, Xi Yu, Yan Zhou - 洛陽師範體育學院武術表演團 

Thomas Lee – 中國語言交換中心 

Simon Chu – Berryessa 中文學校創辦人 




 “老架一路” 顧名思義,就是學習陳式太極時,首先需要接受的訓練。這套路有助於學生們在練習陳式太極基礎的功法時,也發展出體驗 “纏絲功”能量流動的功力。 








(Dr. Marilyn Chi 的見證) 

(Debbie Clay 的見證) 

(Dr. Howard Sussman 的見證) 



總體上說來,太極養生協會的開幕儀式非常成功! 這一群希望將太極拳的好處普遍地介紹給所有社區的人們,共同分享了歡樂的笑聲,也激發了受鼓舞的心情。所有的來賓對於每個人的見證都聽得津津有味,對於每一項表演也都讚賞不已。太極養生協會對於所有的忠實支持者與奉獻心力的所有工作人員感激不盡,謝謝您對於太極養生協會的關心與愛護,我們會持續對於協會新的活動做報導,下次再會。


By Qiu Zhen He










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