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April 9, San Francisco Tai Chi Demo Final info Update

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Dear Masters Students and friends,

The April 9th event was a long day full of activity and crowds. But I am so proud that all of you patiently stuck it out, and did such an excellent performance. However, there were the unexpected circumstances that went on during the day. This was the first time I organized and participated in this big of an event, and I am sure that there are many areas that we could have done better. I understand that for some individuals there were a few difficulties with doing this demonstration, and I apologize for all of the parts that did not go as we had planned. I will take this as a learning experience and make improvements to our future events.

Difficulties aside, it was a wonderful gathering and a memorable experience. I learned many things from all of the different styles and techniques, like Wu & Yang style Tai Chi, Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan, and Yun Bo Fan. This was one of the biggest Tai chi demonstrations in the Bay Area so far, and I am looking forward to working together with you all in the future to promote Tai Chi health exercise and to strengthen our relationships between all of the different groups, schools, and Masters. By sharing our experience of Tai Chi philosophy, and with everyone’s heart and support, I believe that we can create a harmonious and peaceful Tai Chi spirit.

If anyone has any photos or video please email me or send it to me as I would like to put together a compilation on DVD for everyone to remember this event. My email address is and my website is

Thank you all so much for your hard work and generous support, I hope to see everyone in future events

Master Li


More Photos and Videos

Mercury News for our Tai Chi Group

World Journal News

April 9, TV 38 have our Tai Chi Group Demo News.

our Demo Video and Photos will update before April 19, 2008

(Update by April 15)

 Dear Students and Friends,

It is about time to showcase Tai Chi at the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco. We represent the Bay Area Tai Chi Community in participating in this great event to support our host city in the Torch Relay, San Francisco, and to carry on and share the Olympic spirit. We hope that tomorrow everyone comes to this event and have a good time and enjoy this special occasion. See you tomorrow!

This event was organized by Li’s Wushu Academy and North American Chinese Culture and Athletics Foundation and supported by Bay Area Local Tai Chi masters and groups.  

Master Li

Bus driver Contact Info:

  • Bus 1,  Tony 4159220220 6:45 AM arrive
  • Bus 2,  ( Lunch in this Bus ) Li 4158503082
  • Bus 3,  Pii 415-756-4480
  • Bus 4,  Ben 408-391-0150
  • Bus 5, Tony 415-922-0220
  • Bus 6,  tony 415-922-0220
  • Bus 7, Zhao 510-693-0748
  • Bus 8, Ben 408-391-0150
  • Bus 9,  408-391-0150

( Update April 8, 2008 7:44pm)

We are all very excited about this event, as we will be representing the Art of Tai Chi and North America. With so many people participating, we do appreciate if you can use the website Demo video to practice in order to help our demo to be as beautiful as possible.

感谢大家的热情支持,为了保证太极表演能够顺利成功, 希望大家能够尽可能注意网站新闻的更新,同时以集体利益为重,帮助我们做好准备,展现我们旧金山湾区太极拳的集体风貌。

 News Update  新闻更新(April 6, 2008) 

Please click on the following links to view examples of previous demos.

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A free demonstration DVD (FREE DVD) will be offered after registration is completed.

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