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Tai Chi At Stanford Med

1) Medical Tai Chi course

Stanford University is opening an official Medical Tai Chi course, and Master Li will be teaching this course as a visiting professor. This course is open to all Stanford students (2 Units).

2) Tai Chi for health scientific research study

Master Li will be working with Dr Chris Payne and Debbie Clay conducting a research study, to observe the specific benefits from the practice of Tai Chi. As well, we hope to develop specialized systems of Tai Chi practice to prevent and recover from different kinds of illness.

3) Tai Chi Health Club

Stanford University has officially recognized the Tai Chi Health Club. Master Li will be organizing this club to promote Tai Chi as a Health Art at Stanford University.

4) Stanford Faculty Tai Chi for Health programs

Master Li will be continuing to teach classes at the Stanford Health Improvement Program, and starting in 2008 will be adding more classes for new beginners.


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