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  About Wushu

Wushu, a collective name for all Chinese Martial Arts made up of Quan (fist,external power), Qong (internal power) and weaponry. With techniques and skills at it core, Taolou (training form) and Bodou (sparring), Wushu required dedication and committed long term training to achieve the following:

  • Strengthening one's body
  • Ability to protect and to defend
  • Health consciousness
  • Enhance Longevity and mental balance
  • Excel in Taoism
  • Attain spiritual fulfillment


Wushu is often sorted into different categories:

  • By forms – Training and Sparring
  • By eras – Traditional and Contemporary
  • By regions – Northern and Southern
  • By style – Internal and External
The Wushu practiced in North America is essentially the contemporary subset of Wushu, which is commonly known as “Chinese Kung Fu”.



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