Master Shudong Li

Master Shu Dong Li is recognized as a 20th generation Chen Style Tai Chi Master. He is from Henan, China, a sacred place of martial arts where both the oldest Chen Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu originated. A diligent student from early childhood, he first studied with Grand Master Li Dian Chen, who taught him the secret Shaolin “Zha Quan” and “Yijinjing.” He also studied with Tai Chi masters of the Chen lineage.

Through an unwavering spirit and diligent practice, he quickly achieved professional level to win major competitions throughout China. His extraordinary talent impressed Luoyang University, where he was recruited as an instructor to further spread the philosophies and teachings of Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts). He continues to contribute his Tai Chi master skill as a visiting professor at the Luoyang University Athletic College.

In 1990, he was taken on by the Henan Sanshou team to train for the national Wushu competition. In the same year, he took second place in the Sanshou category, and captured the championship with free style Tai Chi Quan and Straight Sword at the International Shaolin Wushu event hosted in Zhengzhou City.

In 1992, Master Li was chosen to represent China as a National Honored Coach to tour Singapore as a guest speaker and performer. This launched his career in the international arena. In 1997, Master Li immigrated to the United States under the extraordinary ability classification and founded Li’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy in Cupertino, California.

Master Li relentlessly pursues advancing his intellectual capacity and mastery in Chen Style Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Northern Style Kung Fu, and weapon forms. As a result, he was accredited as a Tai Chi First Class Judge, Tai Chi High Coach, and National Six Duan (6 Degree Black Belt) Tai Chi Master. His achievements have been recorded in a book dedicated to Chen Style Tai Chi Quan masters, and he is also the recording book Advisory Editor. Additionally, his name has been recorded in China’s Halls of Fame Dictionary among other prominent talent.