The practice focuses on the many Tai Chi forms and teaches students the proper Tai Chi theory to achieve such styles. Students will also be educated in the cultural importance of Tai Chi while progressing from simple movements at the beginning to the more mind-concentrated movements later on. This practice improves on both physical and psychological health.

Zoom Class also available with in-person classes at the same time.

*Class Time:
Advance Classes(Zoom and in-person):

Saturday 9:00am – 10:30am (Chen Style Tai Chi and Sword Forms)
Tuesday 6:50pm – 8:20pm (Chen Style Tai Chi and Sword Forms)

Beginning Tai Chi (Zoom and in-person):
Saturday 8:00am-9:00am (Internal energy trading and Beginning Tai Chi Forms) 

* Class Fee
Pay by quarterly (Contact us for payment information)
Payment is due by the first week of the quarter.

Contact for Beginning Classes:
Master Li or Jenny
Phone: (408) 582 8269
Wechat: USAHQF
E-mail :